The vision of FSRTI is to generate and disseminate knowledge through a harmonious blend of ancient and modern wisdom and to serve the society by fostering in students a rigorous scientific temper and to promote professional and technological expertise.


"The past is our pride, the present is a challenge, and the future is for us to build".

  • Empower through knowledge and information useful to the society in compliance with ethics.
  • Achieve excellence in teaching and research
  • Generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge
  • Meet contemporary regional and national needs and anticipate future social and economic development
  • Offer Value addition courses and other teaching programmes which help the students instill courage and self-confidence to tackle unfamiliar problems and go against the crowd when necessary, besides enriching career opportunities
  • Organize high quality research in diverse interdisciplinary areas of science and technology
  • Develop products (both software and hardware) that have important bearing in society
  • Publish research papers in high quality contemporary research journals
  • Achieve patents and other recognitions for the research and innovative activities
  • Offer consultancy services in the areas of expertise
  • Conduct conferences, seminars and symposia in several disciplines
  • Foster collaborative research with experts across the globe
  • Meet the challenges of a complex and modern society through informed social outreach

"In confrontation with a rock water always wins; not by its strength but due to its persistence".